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Thinking about starting a business? One of the first big decisions you’ll face is figuring out what to sell. It’s a crucial choice that can shape your future as an entrepreneur.

In this article, you’ll find a list of the top 20 trending products sold by US Shopify merchants, which we update every year. These aren’t random picks—they’re product ideas that are proven to be popular with consumers.

Plus, discover the latest information on breakout product trends, and tips for how to spot growing interest in a product category.

Top trending products to sell online in 2024

Here are the top 20 most popular products sold by US Shopify merchants:

  1. Vitamins and supplements
  2. Skin care
  3. Makeup
  4. Coats and jackets
  5. Bicycles
  6. Art and crafting materials
  7. Drinkware
  8. Perfume and cologne
  9. Wine
  10. Socks
  11. Bedsheets
  12. Posters and artwork
  13. Candles
  14. Bath and body
  15. Cookware
  16. Nail care
  17. Underwear
  18. Motor vehicle parts
  19. Mobile phone accessories
  20. Blankets

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1. Vitamins and supplements

Last year, vitamins and supplements topped the sales charts for US Shopify merchants. From basic immune boosters like vitamin C and zinc capsules to pre-workout formulas for enhancing gym performance, there’s a supplement for all that ails you.

Google searches for sleep aids like “melatonin gummies” have increased in the past year, while a 300% rise in searches for “magnesium spray benefits” shows a growing interest in new ways to incorporate supplements into daily routines.

Google Trends graph for the query “magnesium spray benefits” trends up to the right
According to Google Trends, searches for “magnesium spray benefits” increased 300% last year in the US.

Another benefit of supplement products is their accessibility to businesses of all sizes. Solo ecommerce entrepreneurs can produce herbal remedies at home and promote them on TikTok. Meanwhile, large supplement companies like BPI Sports can attract the attention of national retailers.

Popular marketing strategies for selling vitamins and supplements include:

  • Collaborating with fitness and health influencers to showcase product benefits
  • Highlighting testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers
  • Offering bundle deals or subscriptions for regular users

2. Skin care

Skin care products are another trending category with broad market appeal. In an era of self-care, cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and masks are now relevant to every age and gender.

Consumer interest in skin care products that combine high-quality ingredients with ethical, sustainable, and cruelty-free practices continues to grow. Searches for skin care trends like “hyaluronic acid serum,” “vegan skin care,” and “retinol” are all on the increase.

At the start of 2024, Google searches for “snail slime” slowly slid into the spotlight. Products containing snail mucin, the mucus from a snail’s foot, may help stimulate collagen production and calm redness.

Google Trends graph for the query “snail slime
According to Google Trends, searches for “snail slime” increased by more than 1,900% last year in the US, peaking at New Year’s.

Marketing strategies for skin care products include:

  • Collaborating with beauty influencers to showcase skin care routines
  • Selling product samples or mini-sizes for customers to try
  • Highlighting before-and-after results from real customers

3. Makeup

Makeup is almost always a trending product category, with new tools and techniques constantly reinventing the industry.

Last year, lip stain topped our trending product list and, while average monthly searches are slightly down, consistent search interest since mid-2022 suggests this cosmetics item will continue to trend into 2024.

Google Trends graph for the query “lip staine.”
Search interest for “lip stain” between 2022 and 2024.

Tips for marketing trending makeup products:

  • Learn from cosmetics brand Rare Beauty, which taps into Selena Gomez’s star power through viral TikTok videos.
  • Film makeup tutorials to help customers get the most out of their purchases.

4. Coats and jackets

The demand for coats and jackets is driven by seasonal changes, evolving fashion trends, and a growing interest in outdoor activities. With estimates predicting the outdoor clothing market will climb to heights of more than $45 billion by 2027, this product category is set for a long, adventurous journey: pack your best down jacket.

Men’s hiking jacket modeled from a back view in a mountain setting.
Outdoor clothing company Arc’teryx is famous for its luxury hiking jackets, which are regularly searched for by residents of Boulder, Bozeman, and Cupertino—home to Apple Inc. headquarters.

Dropshipping coats and jackets can be an effective low-cost business idea—if you can find a supplier that offers quality products and fast shipping.

Another option for starting a business around this trending product is to become an affiliate partner for a clothing brand or retail store. Armed with an affiliate link, you could create a website or social media channel to review and promote fashionable garments.

5. Bicycles

Ebikes are revolutionizing the cycling world. These power-assisted two-wheelers make commuting a breeze, even on hilly terrains, opening up the benefits of cycling to a wider audience.

Interest in “ebikes” has increased over the past five years, with searches reaching new highs each summer. According to estimates, ebikes sales will grow at an annual rate of 10% until 2030, when more than 77 million ebikes will hit the road.

Google Trends graph for the query “ebikes.”
Google trends shows increasing search interest for “ebikes” between 2019 and 2024

Despite their size and weight, even ebikes can be the center of a successful dropshipping business. Take John Murphy, founder of multimillion-dollar company Ebike Generation. He built a thriving dropshipping store by tailoring his website and marketing content toward a specific target audience: hunters who use ebikes to cover ground quickly and quietly.

6. Art and crafting materials

After spiking in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, arts and crafts activities like paint-by-numbers kits are once again trending. The keyword “crochet kit” currently receives 14,000 searches per month, while “pottery clay” receives 4,400 monthly searches.

Four balls of yarn lined up above a pair of knitting needles on a wooden cutting board.

Crafting isn’t just about personal fulfillment; it’s also a sustainable choice. Many crafters make their own items to become more self-sufficient and avoid the environmental impact of fast fashion. Brands like Darn Good Yarn serve these consumers by providing them with ethically sourced crafting materials.

7. Drinkware

Raise a toast to insulated tumblers. Spurred on by viral models like the Stanley Quencher, these oversized cups come with ad-friendly features like straws and over-engineered construction, making them literal trending product heavyweights.

As practical, environmentally friendly hydration aids, tumblers are projected to generate $1.9 billion by 2028, growing at a compound annual rate of 8.8%.

A person drinking from an insulated water bottle while playing a round of golf.

Shot glasses, another type of drinkware, also made a splash last year as a top-selling item. They’re highly shippable products with year-round relevance.

When selling drinkware online, focus on long-tail keywords niche buyers are searching for. For instance, “tequila shot glasses” generates 4,400 searches per month, “tall shot glasses” gets 2,400 searches, and “cool shot glasses” sees 3,600 monthly searches. By narrowing your focus and building expertise in a specific type of product, you can set your online store apart.

One strategy to consider for selling shot glasses, tumblers, and other types of drinkware is private label products. This method lets you collaborate with manufacturers to add your branding to proven, popular items.

8. Perfume and cologne

The fragrance industry is undergoing a shift. Consumers are moving away from mass-market, gendered fragrances and toward androgynous premium, natural, and personalized scents. 

Consumer searches for perfumes and colognes often contain brand and product names, which makes search engine optimization a key strategy for fragrance businesses. Product pages and blog posts need to feature useful, descriptive content to be discoverable in search results.

For a unique spin on a scent business, you could create a B2B ecommerce website and produce fragrances for companies. Businesses like hotels and restaurants often use sensory marketing to enhance their customer experience and associate their brand with a pleasing aroma.

Westin Hotels’ White Tea room fragrance is so popular that it’s now sold to consumers, as are the infamous signature scents of retail stores Abercrombie and Victoria’s Secret.

9. Wine

Today’s wine market is not just about vintage reds and famous vineyards; consumers are interested in new and accessible products such as organic wine, natural wine, and bottles from undiscovered regions. They’re also looking for innovative ways to research blends and buy wine directly from producers.

Google Trends graph for the query “wine,” showing seasonal peaks.
According to Google Trends, wine-related searches peak during every holiday season.

All of which gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to develop a new business around this trending product category. Take inspiration from The Sip Society, a champagne and sparkling wine tasting community that makes wine tastings more accessible and fun.

10. Socks

Socks may seem like a simple, everyday item, but they have been a consistently profitable choice for ecommerce brands. The demand for socks is driven by an endless potential for variation, whether it’s a popular new material like Merino wool or the chance to flaunt your favorite pop culture icon in stocking form.

Socks with Netflix and chill branding in white and gray colorways.

Marketing strategies for selling socks online could include:

  • Targeting niche audiences with licensed artwork or designs
  • Selling subscription boxes or product bundles featuring other clothing items
  • Highlighting unique selling points of your socks, such as sustainable materials or comfort features

11. Bedsheets

Bedsheets are a staple in every household, making them a consistently popular product. Niches are also plentiful, and often tied to manufacturing materials. The keyword “linen sheets,” receives up to 20,000 searches per month, while “flannel sheets” can be relied upon to trend every fall, especially in New England.

Once you’ve developed brand recognition within your bedding niche, expand your product catalog by experimenting with related items. Pillows, comforters, mattresses, bedroom furniture, and sleepwear all offer chances for cross-selling to increase average order values.

Established Shopify merchants can curate relevant products with Shopify collective, a tool that lets you collaborate with other Shopify stores.

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For tips on how to freshen up your bedsheet business, check out this episode from the Shopify Masters archive with Rich Fulop, co-founder of Brooklinen, the brand behind “the internet’s favorite sheets.”

12. Posters and artwork

Thanks to ecommerce store builders, any artist can build a website to sell their work globally. This has literally opened up a world of opportunities for creative people, who can monetize their talents.

One of the big benefits of selling artwork online is the ability to offer print-on-demand products. With print on demand, artists can sell prints of their work without having to keep physical inventory. Instead, the artwork is printed as orders come in, reducing upfront costs and storage needs.

A digital artist wearing rings and sitting at a desk, drawing on a tablet.

When selling posters and artwork in your ecommerce store, consider the following marketing strategies:

  • Highlight the story behind each piece. This might include information about the artist, the inspiration for the work, or the process of creating it.
  • Partner with a print-on-demand company to offer a range of sizes and formats, from small prints to large canvases and digital downloads.
  • Use high-quality images to showcase your art.

13. Candles

If you’re considering starting a candle business, estimates value the global candles market at more than $10 billion.

Candles aren’t just for the home. They’re used in spas for aromatherapy and by restaurants to create a cozy vibe. According to the National Candle Association, consumers buy candles for two main reasons: to decorate their homes and to help them relax and unwind.

[embedded content]

A look at Google Trends also shows steady global interest for “homemade candles,” with New Zealand being a particularly active market. Homemade candles are easy to produce, making them a good choice for a first-time business. Apparently, even a nine-year-old can be successful.

14. Bath and body

If the search for a product to sell is becoming too stressful, try turning your bathroom into a spa with trending items such as bath salts and bath bombs. Some popular bath time products contain therapeutic ingredients like CBD, the hemp-derived cannabis extract, for added relaxing effect.

A person holds a trending product, natural deodorant, up to the camera
American Provenance

Making and selling bath and body products is a popular business idea that can work no matter the size of your ecommerce store. Passionate makers like Kyle LaFond show how it’s possible to turn a homemade product like natural deodorant into a household name.

15. Cookware

There comes a point in every home cook’s life when they decide to trade their Ikea kitchen utensils for some quality cookware.

According to Google Trends data, demand for premium cooking products such as “cast iron pans” is growing. The branded keyword “Staub vs Le Creuset” is a trending query, with 2,700 monthly searches, suggesting that consumers are actively looking for buying advice—a need you could meet with a blog or YouTube channel.

In the business sector, restaurant growth in countries such as India and China is driving sales of commercial cookware.

YouTube results the search term “Staub vs Le Creuset” showing several comparison videos
YouTube search results for the search term “Staub vs Le Creuset”—another effective way to reach interested audiences.

One way to differentiate your cookware business is to market an innovative kitchen product. You could work with a manufacturer to create your own spin on serving utensils or baking dishes. Alternatively, curate a selection of existing products from a wholesale marketplace.

Once you have a desirable product, let people know about its benefits with a social media ad campaign—just like cookware brand Our Place did with its Always Pans.

16. Nail care

Online nail care stores such as OPI and Olive & June serve a market that’s growing at around 5% per year. With special releases for events and holidays, the best nail care brands always provide a reason for customers to return their websites. (Notice how both of the ecommerce stores above feature a “New” tab prominently on their navigation bars).

The nail care market is currently benefiting from a shift toward products that promote nail health alongside appearance. According to Google Trends, searches for “cuticle oil” have been slowly increasing over the past five years, while the keyword “nail strengthener” receives 9,000 searches per month.

Left hand with intricately painted nails is held up to the light.

Successful marketing in the nail care niche often involves:

  • Promoting products through aspirational and lifestyle influencers 
  • Releasing limited edition or seasonal products to entice repeat customers
  • Collaborating with celebrities who can endorse your brand

17. Underwear

Underwear is (hopefully) a universally essential product. Its small size and weight, coupled with high profit margins, make it an ideal candidate for those looking to sell things online. 

Whether it’s underwear or motor vehicle parts, the easiest way to develop a successful ecommerce business remains the same: find an underserved part of the market, then deliver a shopping experience that’s tailored for them.

Google Trends graph for the query “SKIMS,” showing a spike that correlates with an ad campgain.
Searches for “SKIMS” spiked when the company launched a viral ad campaign for its latest product, a “nipple bra.”

That’s exactly what Kim Kardashian’s company SKIMS did. The brand began selling flattering shapewear after its celeb founder failed to find inclusive underwear for different skin colors.

Alongside product placement in the Kardashians’ TV show and social posts, SKIMS ensures it stays trending with a minimal but memorable visual identity, and by leveraging social media ad campaigns—which have an observable impact on organic consumer interest.

18. Motor vehicle parts

A desire to save money on vehicle maintenance leads many to ecommerce websites, on the hunt for aftermarket car parts. With a wealth of how-to resources and YouTube tutorials available, consumers feel confident enough to fix common car issues at home.

Online shopping is also a convenient way for people to stay in the driving seat. You can compare prices, read reviews, and order the exact part you need for your vehicle, without having to visit a mechanic or dealer.

Google Trends graph for the query “car diffuser.”
Google trends shows Increasing search interest in “car diffusers.”

Beyond replacement wipers, bumpers, and brake pads, there’s growing interest in online stores selling car accessories. There are about 26,000 searches every month for “dash cams,” while terms like “magsafe phone mount” and “car diffuser” are increasing in popularity.

Consider these tips for marketing motor vehicle parts:

  • Highlight certifications, such as ISO, OEM, and CAPA, to confirm that vehicle parts meet official safety standards.
  • Help customers identify the right parts for their make and model with an interactive tool or search filters.
  • Write detailed product descriptions and buying guides.

19. Mobile phone accessories

The smartphone accessories market is worth hundreds of billions of dollars—with each new phone release bringing fresh demand for compatible add-ons like cases, screen protectors, and chargers.

Other universal accessories can quickly take off if they solve a common problem, such as phone grips that make larger models easier to hold.

Four iPhone cases in various colors arranged on a black surface.

Level-up your marketing strategy by creating the following content:

  • Use Instagram and TikTok videos to showcase the unique features of phone accessories.
  • Write SEO-optimized blog posts to target keywords related to specific phone models.
  • Encourage user-generated content to build trust and credibility.

20. Blankets

Like so many of the products featured in this list, blankets offer entrepreneurs endless opportunities to corner a popular niche.

Enter the competitive market for calming weighted blankets (over 100,000 searches per month) or niche-down and sell weighted dog blankets and vests (2,100 monthly searches). You could specialize in luxury cashmere blankets (2,800 searches per month) or target consumers looking for equally indulgent, but far more affordable, blanket hoodies (29,000 searches).

As always, the key to success in this market lies in understanding your customer’s needs and delivering a product that exceeds their expectations.

A cup, an open book and a pair of glasses are placed on an orange textured blanket

Trending products from last quarter

To keep you updated on the latest market trends, here is a list of the top 20 product categories that saw the highest sales growth last quarter among US Shopify merchants, compared to the three months before:

Product category % growth last quarter
Concession food containers 190
Intercoms 161
Flashlight accessories 160
Security lights 149
Seeds 147
Electrical connectors 135
Track and field equipment 134
Folding tables 112
Dried flowers 98
Swimwear 98
Marine GPS devices 95
Rice and cereal products 94
Swimming pools and accessories 90
Flowers 88
Home appliance pumps 86
Baby changing mats 79
Trade show displays 78
Garage floor mats 73
Pinback buttons 70
Bird houses 64

Remember, sales can increase and decrease depending on the time of year. For example, home and garden products sell more in the spring, while swimwear and sporting goods sales typically surge as summer approaches.

So, when thinking about what products to sell, consider when your customers are most likely to buy—picking the right moment to launch a marketing campaign can be as impactful as picking the right product.

  1. Concession food containers: Paper trays and takeout container sales increased by 190% in the first quarter of 2024.
  2. Intercoms: Sales of intercom devices increased by 161%.
  3. Flashlight accessories: Hostlers, adapters, and other flashlight accessories sales grew by 160%.
  4. Security lights: Sales of security lights increased by 149%.
  5. Seeds: Seed sales grew by 147%. Within this category, sales of biodegradable seed tape increased by more than 280%.
  6. Electrical connectors: Wire terminal connectors, converters, and other electrical supplies saw sales growth of 135%.
  7. Track and field equipment: Athletics products saw a 134% increase in sales.
  8. Folding tables: Folding table sales grew by 112%.
  9. Dried flowers: Natural dried flowers and grasses increased in popularity, with sales growth of 98% in early 2024.
  10. Swimwear: Bathing suit sales grew by 98%. Within this category, baby and toddler swimwear sales increased by 227%.
  11. Marine GPS devices: Chartplotters and GPS devices designed for boating grew by 95% in the first quarter of the year, alongside growth in watercraft engine sales.
  12. Rice and cereal products: Food items in the grains category saw sales increases of 94%.
  13. Swimming pools and accessories: Sales of swimming pools increased by 90% in early 2024. Pool accessories like floats, covers, and vacuums saw even higher growth, with pool liner sales increasing by more than 1000%.
  14. Flowers: Flower sales grew by 88%. Garden pots, trays, mulch, and herbicide sales also grew, highlighting a trend for gardening products in the spring.
  15. Home appliance pumps: Sales of pump parts for home appliances grew by 86%.
  16. Baby changing mats: Sales of baby changing mats and trays increased by 79%. During the same period, bottle warmers, sterilizers, and crib conversion kits also increased in popularity.
  17. Trade show displays: Sales of portable displays for advertising at shows and conferences increased by 78%.
  18. Garage floor mats: Protective garage flooring saw sales growth of 73%.
  19. Pinback buttons: Pin badges sold as merch or clothing accessories saw 70% sales growth.
  20. Bird houses: Sales of bird and wildlife houses and accessories increased by 64%.

Trends can change quickly, so be sure to check back next quarter for the latest trending products.

How were these trending products identified?

The trending products in this article were selected from Shopify merchant data, including:

  • Product categories that generated the most sales volume for Shopify merchants in 2023.
  • Product categories that saw the biggest sales growth among Shopify merchants from January to March 2024, compared to the three months before.

This article also uses organic search data from Google Trends and the keyword research tool Ahrefs to reveal what customers are looking for.

Which products are no longer trending?

In the ever-changing ecommerce landscape, what’s trending today may not be so popular tomorrow. 

Based on the latest data, these products from this article’s previous list are no longer among the top trends:

1. Lip stain

Lip stain is a beauty product that provides long-lasting lip color without the fading of traditional lipsticks or the moisturizing benefits of lip balm. While still popular, lip stain doesn’t feature among the top trends this year.

2. Matcha

If you’ve been to a coffee shop in recent years, you’ve seen matcha. It’s a finely ground green tea powder that’s become a popular wellness product. Despite its ongoing popularity, matcha is not listed among this year’s top trends.

3. Power tool accessories

Power tool accessories continue to see an increase in global sales, but in this year’s update, they only rank among quarterly trending products.

Remember, trends can fluctuate. With the right marketing campaign or social media influencer endorsement, a product that’s not trending today can become a bestseller next season.

Keep an eye on market shifts to make sure your product catalog aligns with current demands.

How to find trending products

Finding trending products to sell online can be a game changer for your business. It’s all about understanding the market, knowing what consumers want, and being able to deliver a good customer experience at the right time.

Here are two effective methods you can use to identify potential bestsellers for your online store.

Google Trends

Google trends table showing popular clothing queries such as “Barbie T-shirt” and “Taylor Swift shirt.”
Google Trends shows trending searches related to product categories, such as popular graphic shirts.

Google Trends is a free tool that reveals what users around the world are searching for. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Visit Google Trends.
  2. Enter a keyword related to a product or industry in the search bar.
  3. Analyze the “Interest over time” graph to see if a search term is growing in popularity, holding steady, or declining.
  4. Use the “Compare” feature to evaluate the popularity of different keywords.
  5. Check the “Related queries” section for additional product ideas.

A sudden spike in organic search volume often indicates a trend. But, before you design an ecommerce store around a trending product, do research to be sure it’s not a fleeting fad.

One way to find out more about search trends is to perform deeper ecommerce keyword research. Looking at indicators such as historical search volume and related long-tail keywords will help you build a more detailed picture of consumer interest.

Amazon and other marketplaces

Amazon Best Sellers page with popular products based on sales in categories such as Beauty and Home.

Online marketplaces offer insight into what products are currently flying off fulfillment center shelves. Here’s how to leverage them:

  1. On Amazon, check the Best Sellers page to see the top-selling items across different product categories.
  2. On eBay, visit the Trending Deals section to see what products are generating attention.
  3. Etsy also has a trending items section for discovering editors’ picks and popular handmade items.
  4. Using social media platforms like Instagram, you can monitor popular hashtags related to your store.

Identifying a trending product is the beginning of your business journey. Once you have a product to sell, it’s time to get to know your customers, develop a brand, and make a business plan.

Will you become a retailer and buy inventory? Or, will you choose a dropshipping business model and work with a supplier that ships products directly to your customers?

Start selling products online today

This list of trending products for 2024 can help you launch or expand your online business. But there are so many more popular niches to explore.

Being a successful store owner or dropshipper isn’t just about offering popular products. You need to understand your target audience, align your brand, and create a simple shopping experience.

Trends can shift quickly, so keep an eye on the market and be ready to adapt. And don’t forget to bookmark this article for the latest updates on trending products.

Trending products FAQ

How do you see which products are trending?

You can use tools like Google Trends, or check the bestseller pages of Amazon and other online marketplaces to see which products are trending. To identify trending products among consumers, perform keyword research to uncover the most popular organic searches for products.

What things are popular to sell right now?

Based on the latest Shopify data, some popular items to sell right now include:

  • Concession food containers
  • Intercoms
  • Flashlight accessories
  • Security lights
  • Seeds
  • Electrical connectors
  • Track and field equipment
  • Folding tables
  • Dried flowers
  • Swimwear
  • Marine GPS devices
  • Rice and cereal products
  • Swimming pools and accessories
  • Flowers
  • Home appliance pumps
  • Baby changing mats
  • Trade show displays
  • Garage floor mats
  • Pinback buttons
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Bird houses

Product trends can change quickly, so it’s important to keep an eye on the market.

What are some new products on the market?

Some new products on the market include:

  1. Foldable solar panel
  2. Smart temperature sensor
  3. Rainbow flatware
  4. Biomagnetic ear stickers
  5. Diamond-shaped ice cube tray
  6. Baby feather wings

How can I stay updated on trending products?

You can stay updated on trending products by regularly checking search demand tools like Google Trends, as well as the bestseller lists of Amazon and other online marketplaces. Following consumer trends news, subscribing to relevant newsletters, and staying active on social media are other ways to stay on top of the latest product trends.

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