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Home prices remain elevated, but if you’re selling your house this summer, you still want to be sure you can get top dollar. Small home improvements can add thousands to your selling price if you make the right changes to impress prospective buyers.

Most real estate experts agree that staging a home can lead to a faster sale and potentially increase the selling price.

“Make sure the home looks ready to move into, declutter the space and consider professional staging,” suggested Kristen Skebe, managing broker and real estate advisor at Engel & Volkers Atlanta.

But once you’ve cleared the clutter and rearranged furniture to help rooms feel more spacious, what are the next steps? Experts shared tons of do-it-yourself additions you can make to your home that will encourage a fast sale and potentially boost your selling price.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Part of the staging process often includes a fresh coat of paint across your home’s interior. A Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate survey recently showed that 80% of real estate agents agree a fresh coat of paint has a positive impact on a home’s value.

“Don’t waste your time on expensive renovations, when simple things like a fresh coat of paint will do the trick for much less money,” said Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate CEO Ginger Wilcox.

Swap Out Old Lightbulbs for LEDs

Virtually anyone can change a lightbulb. Making the investment in LED bulbs for your home’s fixtures, if you haven’t already made the switch, will showcase your home in a better light. Christy Walker, broker and owner of RE/MAX Signature in Phoenix, pointed out that bright white LED bulbs can ensure continuity and brightness for photographs in home listings, as well as for in-home tours.

“Many times, when touring homes, we see a wide variety of burned-out bulbs, yellow lighting, white lighting, and everything in between, which creates a disconnect in the experience for the buyer,” she said.

You can grab a package of four EcoSmart 60-watt equivalent dimmable LEDs from The Home Depot for under $10, making this an easy and affordable DIY update.

Smart Thermostat Upgrade

It’s easy to switch out your home thermostat with a smart model that allows you to regulate the temperature even when you’re not home. According to ExplodingTopics.com, 78% of prospective homebuyers would pay more for a home with smart features.

A smart thermostat is an easy upgrade that can show an immediate return-on-investment in reduced energy costs. “People want smart tech because not only is it more modern and adaptive but it can improve energy usage. Better energy usage means a lower energy bill,” said Seamus Nally, CEO of TurboTenant.com.


Nally added that great landscaping adds curb appeal and may even prompt buyers to make a higher offer on the home.

“Buying a new home often comes with a handful of renovation projects, even if you just count decorating the home’s interior. For a lot of buyers, because they know they will have their hands full with the inside of their new home for a while, it’s invaluable to have landscaping that’s not going to need their attention right away because it already looks great,” he said.

Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Hardware

A major kitchen renovation can add more than $26,000 to the selling price of your home, according to a survey from ChaseRoofInspections.com.  But if you can’t afford to shell out thousands for a kitchen remodel, or don’t have the time, a minor facelift can also make a big difference, according to Walker.

“Some homeowners who have outdated kitchens may surface or simply repaint their cabinets to give them fresh appeal and add updated doorknobs or handles to create a finished look,” she said.

Add Closet Organizers

If you want to make your bedrooms feel more spacious, closet organizers can deliver a lot of bang for the buck. “Installing closet organizers is another great DIY project that is pretty simple to do but creates the illusion of a lot more space and organization, which buyers are attracted to,” Walker said.

Deep Clean Your Home

Skebe recommended giving your home a deep cleaning prior to inviting prospective buyers for a tour. “Make sure your home is clean, including steamed carpets and deep cleaning of bathrooms,” she said.

These steps, together, can help create a “move-in-ready” vibe buyers will love. “You want to take away doubt within the buyer’s mind,” Skebe said.

Do-it-yourself improvements may add more than you might imagine to your home’s value and cost less than you might think.

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