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Bathrooms are a place that most homebuyers want to see a lot of care has gone into. These spaces are where we go to get clean, so they need to be not dirty and kept well to avoid putting people off. One of the design choices that has a tendency to scare buyers away is anything that looks like it is well past its prime. “Outdated fixtures like old, corroded faucets or yellowed lighting can give the impression of an outdated, neglected bathroom in need of upgrades,” Adrian Pedraza, licensed real estate broker and owner of The California Home Buyer, a professional house-flipping company, told House Digest in an exclusive interview.

To avoid this trap, you should invest a little time and money into swapping out any bathroom fixtures that have seen better days. “In my experience, replacing fixtures can cost anywhere from $800 to $1,500 depending on the types and number of fixtures needing replacement,” Pedraza shared. However, be careful not to cut corners. Just because you plan to sell the house doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in nice things. “Low-quality materials are another no-no. Things like flashy gold faucets sound nice, but if they are cheaply made, they’ll just look dated fast,” Eric Bramlett added. “Potential buyers will question how long appliances will last. Opt for timeless finishes like chrome or brushed nickel that have staying power. Spend a bit extra on quality shower fixtures too — it helps create a higher-end feel.”

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