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The Buffalo Bills are reportedly exploring a deal to sell part of the team. The report comes weeks after the Bills announced they were hiking ticket prices.

Per GH media, the prices are going up substantially as the team prepares to open their new stadium for the 2026 season:

“According to the Buffalo News, the season ticket prices are going for about $15,000 to $50,000 per seat. These are the top seats meaning the suites and club seats. This is a huge increase from the current prices for fans. This does not come as a huge surprise as the new stadium will be much nicer. However, this will stop many of their biggest and longest fans from being able to purchase the season tickets each year.”

Terry Pegula is exploring options to sell part of the team

Building the stadium has come at a higher cost than Terry Pegula was expecting. According to Tim Graham with The Athleticthe Pegulas must foot the bill after the costs of the new stadium went over budget by nearly $600 million.

Per Graham, the Pegulas are putting a non-controlling, minority interest of the Bills up for sale:

“The Bills confirmed to The Athletic that owner Terry Pegula has hired Florida-based investment bankers Allen & Company to handle the potential transaction but declined to say how much of the team is being sold. A source briefed on the discussions said the working figure is 25 percent, with the number not set in stone.”

The Pegulas might not sell

The Pegulas could ultimately decide not to sell the Bills. But for now, it’s an option.

The Bills’ valuation (Forbes values them at $3.7 billion, 30th in the league) is much lower than that of the average NFL team. The cost of the new stadium is worth more than half of Pegula’s team.

One shouldn’t feel too sorry for the Pegulas, the Bills are worth $1.3 billion more than what they bought it for in 2014.

Bills fans should expect season-ticket prices to continue to climb in successive years. Hopefully, the team on the field will stay competitive.

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