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Café Roka, a Bisbee restaurant that first opened its doors in 1992, is for sale but plans to remain open. Owner Rod Kass is going to stay on temporarily after the sale as a sort of consultant to smooth the transition process.

The three-story building is listed for $1.675 million. The building includes a restaurant and bar on the first floor, additional seating on the mezzanine level, and a loft apartment on the third floor. The sale also includes all kitchen equipment, furnishings, and the business name.

However, and as mentioned just a moment ago, Café Roka plans to stay open so they can help a new owner transition. In other words, he’s hoping to keep the restaurant running with someone else behind the wheel.

“We have no plans to close this beautiful restaurant we all have enjoyed for the past 32 years,” the Café Roka team shared. “What we have done is taken the first small step towards selling the property and business by creating a property listing. There are no potential buyers at the moment. Our expectation of the selling process is that it will take some time, and we are in no rush.”

“With that said, we are excited to offer extended hours this Memorial Day Weekend in honor of our fallen heroes,” the Café Roka team shared. “We will be open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 5 – 9 p.m. Please call for a reservation: (520) 432-5153. We look forward to seeing you and offering a wonderful dining experience. Cheers!”

Café Roka (Photo by Isaac Stockton)

Café Roka is a special place for many and, in the words of local Foodie Edie Jarolim, managed “to be unpretentious while embracing many haute cuisine trappings.”

Check out her 2017 article about the restaurant.

Café Roka is located at 35 Main St., Bisbee, Arizona 85603, and can be reached at (520) 432-5153. For more information, visit Check out our interactive guide to more restaurants in the town.

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