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Don’t Spend Big Money on Improvements

A good rule of thumb: If it costs you $2,500 to update your bathroom, you should see a market gain of $10,000 to justify the improvement. The philosophy of not spending big money on improvements before selling your home is really geared toward those major improvements that are purely cosmetic.

“I recently had clients who had a home that needed in excess of $20,000 in updates to get in line with the competition in the area that was attracting the higher prices,” said Jared Hoylo, Realtor at Remax. “The homeowners knew if they did the repairs they wouldn’t get an $80,000 increase in value, and they elected to simply list below the competition by $10,000. The home sold within 25 days.”

Given the price of improvements, homeowners must consider the disruption to the household, cost overruns and the general headache of dealing with the remodeling process. If a seller knows an item is on its last legs, get bids from contractors before listing your home. Be prepared for buyers to ask for a repair after the inspection. And check out these most bang-for-the-buck home improvement projects out there.

You can also explore your opportunities to sell your house without a realtor.


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Don’t Disregard Curb Appeal

Having a good landscape contractor can help you prepare your home for sale. Mulchingbush trimming, tree branch removal and simple plantings can go a long way in setting your home apart from the competition. These projects are generally affordable and can be done by the DIYer as well.

“I had a client reach out to me late last summer when they knew they were going to be moving the following spring,” said Hoylo. “We had the professional photographer come out and snap a few exterior photos for our listing that was going to be active during January. These home pictures went a long way for the seller to convey what they had for plantings and curb appeal during the dead of winter.”

Here are some ideas on how to improve your curb appeal for selling your home.

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