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The Old Station Sub Shop, a long-standing culinary establishment in Downtown Phoenix, has been put on the market. Opened 38 years ago by Joe Faillace, who has operated it single-handedly ever since, the sub shop is a fixture near the Arizona State Capitol on Jefferson Street. After nearly four decades, Faillace has decided it’s time to sell the business, listing the eatery for $139,000, which he considers “pretty much giving it away,” per an interview with FOX 10 Phoenix.

The business environment around the Old Station Sub Shop was complicated by proximity to ‘The Zone’, a homeless encampment that has now been a focal point for the city’s cleanup efforts – efforts that have not gone unnoticed by Faillace. Citing a surrounding environment that became “a little scary” for customers, Faillace noted that the sub shop started seeing a pickup in business following the cleanup, with no sign of a downturn. “I love this place,” Faillace told FOX 10, emphasizing his dedication to his staff and patrons but also his readiness to retire.

In parallel, ‘The Zone’ has been under the microscope as Phoenix rolls out a comprehensive cleanup plan. With nearly 900 people living in makeshift conditions, between 7th and 16th Avenues from Jefferson Street to the railroad tracks, a court has dictated that the city must clear the area. The strategy includes offering shelter, treatment options, or transport to those affected, as detailed in a report by FOX 10 Phoenix. A more “enhanced cleaning” began on May 10, starting a new chapter in the city’s approach to managing its homeless population.

Business owners in the vicinity, bearing the burden of the homeless crisis, are following developments with cautious optimism. Escalating challenges in the past half-decade have left them yearning for a resolution. “I’m praying that it does happen, and it follows the schedule that they are planning,” lamented garage owner Miguel Samaniego in an interview with FOX 10, highlighting the intensity of issues surrounding the homeless encampment.

For those on the streets, the cleanup has been met with mixed feelings. Clifford Mishler, who had been living in The Zone, and people like him are facing an uncertain future. “I don’t want to be homeless,” Mishler said, according to a statement to FOX 10. Meanwhile, Central Arizona Shelter Services has been proactive, engaging with the city to transition individuals indoors, as CASS CEO Lisa Glow explained. The complexity of the situation is underscored by the fact that not all shelter options may align with individual needs, Glow indicated, pointing to the critical nature of customization in the path forward.

The shop currently maintains normal hours of operation and waits for a buyer who might continue Faillace’s legacy in the heart of a changing Downtown Phoenix.

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