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(CITY), Calif. (KERO) — The iconic Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond is up for sale. It has been in the Huth family over 60 years.

  • The idea of selling Willow Springs International Raceway has been in the Huth family for over 20 years, owner Christopher Huth says.
  • A calendar of events at Willow Springs International Raceway can be found on its website.
  • Commercials and movies have been filmed at the racetrack, including Ford vs. Ferrari.


After more than 60 years of ownership from the Huth family, the iconic Willow Springs International Raceway is up for sale.

I’m Steve Virgen, your neighborhood reporter…

It’s been home to countless races, thousands of commercials, and movies, including Ford vs. Ferrari. But now it’s time for a new owner.

Christopher Huth, the owner of Willow Springs, has had many breath-taking moments at the raceway.

But now, he’s ready to say goodbye.

“As much as I love this place. I think that’s the best idea. I’m getting a little choked up … but that’s part of it,” Huth says.

Huth tells me it’s emotional… because the raceway has been a big part of his family.

He moved to Rosamond from Lancaster when he was 12, but didn’t like the racing world at first.

“Seriously, I ran away at one point. I did not get this place. It didn’t look anything like this. It was just desert with a little track,” Huth says.

But Huth soon fell in love with the place after watching the races in person… announcing many of the events… and meeting dozens of racing legends… like Dan Gurney.

“I had access to my heroes,” Huth says.

Huth tells me that he cried when his late father, Bill, came close to selling the place about 20 years ago.

“This is kinda bad … (looks up) Sorry, Dad … He was in Oregon when we had the final meeting and I quoted them a price so high I knew they wouldn’t do it because I didn’t want to sell the racetrack,” Huth says.

His father died in 2015. Two years later, Huth’s brother died. And Huth’s daughter passed away earlier this year. He tells me now… he felt it was time to sell.

“I’d like to focus on my family,” Huth says.

Huth declined to specifically talk about the offers coming in… but a representative from Berkshire Hathaway says it’s been climbing upwards of 12 million dollars.

“I was told that this offering was the busiest offer they’ve ever seen because … people love this place,” Huth says.

The raceway continues with events each week. For information, visit the Willow Springs website.

I’m Steve Virgen, your neighborhood reporter.

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