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Published: 5:08 am EDT March 23, 2024Published: March 23, 2024Updated: 5:47 am EDT March 23, 2024

Chaddsford Winery

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Chaddsford Winery, one of the largest in Pennsylvania, is on the market by one of the founding families, the Petrillos, for $4.5 million.

Chaddsford Winery, one of the largest in Pennsylvania, has been put on the market by one of the founding families, writes Emma Dooling for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The Petrillo family is selling the beloved Chester County business for about $4.5 million. The property for sale includes the five-acre site, the business, and its existing equipment and furnishings, as well as all of its licenses.

The winery was founded by Carl Petrillo and Eric and Lee Miller in 1982. Twelve years ago, the Millers sold their part of the business to Petrillo and retired.

The family, who live in New York, have decided to sell the winery because they want to exit the wine business, according to General Manager Corey Krejcik.

While a new owner could continue Chaddsford Winery’s operations as is, the Petrillo family is willing to sell to someone with different plans for the property.

“If a new owner or ownership group comes in and wishes to sort of continue with the same formula and continue the legacy in that capacity, that would be a great thing, but [it is] certainly not the only option that would be considered at this point,” said Krejcik.

Read more about Chaddsford Winery going up for sale in the Philadelphia Business Journal.


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