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SEATTLE — A property the size of a city block is on the market, at a price lower than many homes for sale. 

If you’re wondering why, well, the property is a cemetery in north Seattle.

Crown Hill Cemetery has been in the north Seattle neighborhood for more than 100 years. And even though the owners are being forced to sell the property, the sellers are adamant this property will remain a cemetery.

The property spans nearly 10 acres. Redfin posted the parcel last Thursday costing nearly $1.5 million. King County Superior Court documents filed in 2021 revealed the owners of the cemetery had to give up the piece of land as collateral after they couldn’t pay a loan to lenders that took them to court.

“I liked to think that I’ve seen everything in my line of work in my 25 years I’ve been doing this,” Sid Constantinescu said. “It’s very rare for me to see something like this being pledged.”

Constantinescu works for a distressed asset management firm called Pacific Crest Realty Advisors. The court appointed him to be the cemetery’s receiver, tasked to find a buyer who is a state-licensed cemetery owner. 

“There’s no way that anything is going to happen to those bodies by virtue of this sale at any price,” Constantinescu said. “Everybody’s gravesites are safe, and this is all above board. It will be subject to a court approval process.”

And a process that will be assisted by an experienced realtor. 

“I’ve never sold a cemetery before, I’ve been selling real estate for 39 years,” said Michael Peters, a real estate broker.

Constantinescu recruited Peters to sell the property. He said there’s been at least three interested buyers already.

“People phoning have been mostly interested,” Peters said. “I got a call on Friday that a lady has family here and she’s considering by it.”

Until a final sale happens. These sellers want the community to know the cemetery is in good spirits. 

“Nobody needs to worry about bodies being exhumed,” Constantinescu said. “Or condos going on top of bodies. Period, full stop.”

Constantinescu hopes to sell the property within the next 90 days.

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