Owners of Ford Bronco used in OJ Simpson chase ready to sell infamous SUV — and want at least $1.5M – New York Post

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The infamous white Ford Bronco carrying OJ Simpson in a low-speed chase across Los Angeles after the murders of his ex-wife and her friend may finally be up for sale — with the hope of getting at least $1.5 million.

The 1993 SUV’s three owners – Simpson’s former agent Michael Gilbert and two friends of longtime pal Al Cowlings, who was behind the wheel June 17, 1994 – told Cllct they plan to cash in on the new interest following last week’s death of the disgraced NFL great.

“Before OJ passed, we had always thought this was going to be the year we were going to sell because it’s the 30th anniversary,” Gilbert told the outlet. “Who knows if we are all going to be around for the 35th or the 40th?”

The owners of the white Fold Bronco are planning to sell the iconic SUV used in the OJ chase. Alcatraz East Crime Museum/Bournemouth News/Shutterstock

The three owners told Clict that the last offer they received for the Bronco — which has been on loan to the Alcatraz East Crime Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, since 2016 — was $750,000.

But they are now hoping to get at least $1.5 million in a public or private sale, according to the outlet.

Nearly 100 million people were glued to TV screens as Simpson hid in the back seat of the Bronco, which Cowlings was driving leisurely along a Southern California interstate while being followed by a convoy of police cars.

Simpson eventually arrived at his Brentwood mansion, where officers negotiated for the former NFL star to surrender in the brutal deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

The white Ford Bronco became infamous after a low-speed chase across Los Angeles after the murders of Simpson’s ex-wife and her friend. Los Angeles Times via Getty Images
The SUV has been on loan to the Alcatraz East Crime Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, since 2016. Alcatraz East Crime Museum/Bournemouth News/Shutterstock

The Bronco spent 17 years parked in a condominium garage in LA before it went to the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, where it was used to help open a sports museum, according to Clict.

It then made its way to Gilbert’s home.

“My wife didn’t like it there. She wanted her parking spot back,” he told the outlet, so the SUV was eventually moved to Alcatraz East.

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 In 1996, Cowlings agreed to sell the Bronco for $75,000 to Startifacts, a celebrity memorabilia shop in Las Vegas.

“We found out that the company was going to rent the vehicle to a company in LA called Grave Line Tours that visited famous graves,” Gilbert told ESPN.

OJ Simpson famously tries on a pair of gloves during his murder trial. AFP via Getty Images

“They were going to re-enact the chase with the Bronco and then take people to Nicole [Brown Simpson’s] grave. The trial hadn’t taken place yet, and we didn’t want people thinking anyone associated with O.J. did this,” he added.

Cowlings ultimately sold his Bronco to Gilbert and his two friends.

The iconic SUV only has about 32,000 miles on the odometer.

Simpson, who died of prostate cancer last week, was acquitted on criminal charges that he killed his former wife and pal. He was later found liable in a civil suit and ordered to pay the families $33.5 million in damages.

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