Property transfers that took place in May in Greater New Bedford –

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Among this week’s top-selling properties is a custom-designed Bourne home with ocean views that sold for $1,850,000.

The beautifully maintained Cape-style house at 72 Elgin Road is 4,209 square feet with three bedrooms and three baths.

Built in 2022, it features cathedral ceilings, open concept, walk-in pantry, two laundry rooms, many large closets, and a walk-up to the attic, which opens to a deck overlooking the ocean. 

The property also boasts a private beach and dock, tennis courts, sprinkler system, walkout basement, screened-in porch, two covered decks and a large open deck.

Here are all of the residential property transfers recorded in Greater New Bedford this week according to The Warren Group:


110 Quaker Ln,  $510,000

Thomas O. and Debra J. Threlfall to Jordan F. and Rose A. Threlfall 

This week's top-selling property is located at 72 Elgin Road, Bourne.


10 Carl Gardner Rd, $700,000

Pereira Ft and Diana M. Pereira to Lauren E. and Sophia Klenert 

32 Clark Rd, $715,000

Cotter Ft and Thomas O. Cotter to Meredith A. Gordon and Leszek J. Lechowicz 

72 Elgin Rd, $1,850,000

Timothy and Michelle Bernard to Jarod and Katherine Warsofsky 

60 Siasconset Dr, $715,000

Deborah I. and Robert A. Insani to Matthew Mase and Jennifer Fay 

3 Spinnaker Ln, $367,782

Margaret C. Morse and US Bank NA Tr to Rmac T and US Bank NA Tr 

29 Surrey Ln Unit 29, $392,000

Annemarie F. Mueller to Shoba Maharaj 

205 Williston Rd, $460,000

Mary D. Simski to Qingsong Ling 


46 Pleasant St, $575,000

Constitution Prop LLC to Jennifer M. Sanderson 

13 West St, $430,000

Carl L. Santos to Jason Hallahan and Alicia Maccormack 


496 Chase Rd, $205,000

Noppawan Sawang to Paula Eissmann 

79 Highland Ave, $660,000

Michael and Jillian Silva to Matthew Mello and Ariana E. Flanagan 

40 Idlewood Ave, $679,900

Shouhong Wang and Zhegjun Su to  Daniel C. and Marlene Alfaiate 

106 Osborne St, $700,000

Kevin R. Trahan to Tessa Darosa 

352 Slocum Rd, $500,000

Jeanne T Boisvert RET and Jeanne T. Boisvert to D Squared Slocum Rt and Daniel G. Boisvertt 

99 Songbird Dr, $750,000

Rose M. Fournier to Michael and Jillian Silva 

30 Suffolk Ave, $450,000

Tammy H. Stephens to Jerry Winant and Katelyn Golsby 


55 Church St  $630,000

Lynn S Wright RET and Lynn S. Wright to Michael J. and Jessica M. Vadala 

30 Francis St, $420,000

TOf Irene Harding and Philip M. Harding to Ross and Kathryne Moniz 

60 Maitland St, $371,000

Christine H. Coelho to New Bedford Inc 

51 Thompson St, $500,000

Braley David A Est and Jonathan P. Brandzen to Michael and Nicole Bourgault 


54 Alsop St, $594,000

Jose M. and Maria S. Cordeiro to Scott Goncalves 

730 Dickinson St, $610,000

Brian J. and Sandra Custodio to Sophavia Eang and Chantivea Chiek 

5 Glen St, $440,000

Joshua and Connie Machado to Kegan King 

441 Herman St, $440,000

Rosalind Tavares to Joseph Morales-Soler and Veronica Amarelo 

293 Linden St, $600,000

Laura T. Bomback to Ryan F. Rechmani 

179 Mcmahon St, $500,000

Dante Divivrglio to Carlos W. Batista 

241 Montgomery St, $375,000

Gerson H. Pineda to John Barnett 

177 Rich St, $300,000

Mona L Kozel RET and Mona L. Kozel to Uncme LLC 


14 2nd Ave, $100,000

Adam Lepire and Anthony J. Couto to Mako LLC 

18 2nd Ave, $330,000

Marci L. Dostroph to Thomas Mceachern and Brenda Robertson 

26 Churchill Rd, $320,000

Dauntless Path LLC to Raymond A. and Kevin P. Boylan 

4 Diamond Ave, $385,000

Tyler Silveria to  Nicole A. Pinheiro and Jacob W. Lovell 

32 Eagle Way Unit 32, $585,000

June M. Jackson and Kell Josephiac to Michele J Colarusso Ft and Michele J. Colausso 

6 Woodland Ridge Dr, $1,500,000

Jung H. and Soo K. Choi to  Joe and Melissa Pitt 


46 Prospect Rd, $670,000

Dorothy A. Ross to Halina Mierzejewska 


15 Lakeview Ter, $585,000

Michael and Maryann Eagan to Craig and Claudia Sowersby 

232 Purchase St, $600,000

Linda J. Melkonian to Susan M. and Jonathan P. Krabisch 

34 Rainbow Ci,  $425,000

Santagati Sr Ronald E Est and Roberta L. FernaIan and Penelope Cariolo 


86 Campbell St, $439,000

Aneg Realty LLC to  Sei Lute 

217 Eugenia St, $601,000

George P Brito RET and George P. Brito to Michael J. Soto 

223 Grinnell St, $525,000

Jska LLC to Michael C. Sousa 

164 Holly St, $410,000

Joseph M. Cruz to Ronald Oliveira 

69 Milford St, $445,000

Roberto Raposo to Jed and Elisa D. Kiley 

33 Milton St, $356,000

Mello Jr Edward G Est and Joan Mello to Peter J. Mello and Taylor K. Woehl 

71 Pine Grove St, $475,000

Bouchard Ft and Christopher A. Bouchard to Robert and Miranda L. Santos 

112 River Rd, $320,000

Eric R. Trahan to Maria Duran and Melissa Rivas 

209 Rochambeau St, $435,000

Denelle Gomes-Talley to Myron Pina 

125 Shawmut Ave, $360,000

Elizabeth K Souza Irt and Pamela M. Dziura to Brenden Latinville and Caley Cadima 

15 Spruce St, $340,000

Monique C Chumack Lt and Elizabeth J. Pontes to Mario Chaparro 

11 Studley St, $630,000

Domingos B. Alves to Edson H. Pereira 

163 Tinkham St, $567,000

Gerson A. Depina to Jacinto B. Pereira 

15 Washburn St, $600,000

Manuel A. Silva to Chelsea T. Campellone 

21-23 Willard St, $480,000

Rosa B. Olivier to Javier H. Alavarado and Rosario E. Pino 


5 Fern Ave, $470,000

Wildcat Property LLC to Alexandria Papa 

187 Great Neck Rd, $700,000

Walter J. and Sheila C. Connaughton to Elvis M. and Kathrine J. Teixeira 

1 Nimrod Way, $372,000

Brian T. and Ann F. Kelly to Tina Barrasso 

3 Roundhill Blvd, $425,000

Gail M. Centeio to Brian L. and Cabriel King 

39 Swifts Beach Rd, $284,640

Jennifer R. Docanto to Haley Souza and Robert Algarin 

2 Winslow Ln,  $460,000

Dennis M. Fogarty to Luke and Ellie Nagle 


194 Sanford Rd,  $520,000

Aida Alves to Jake A. and Amanda L. Brownell

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