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A COUPLE has decided to take the plunge and move out of their house and build the property of their dreams.

The family of four is living in a camper while building a barn to reside in, calling it a “barndominium.”

A Virginia couple has decided to move into a camper to build their own 'barndominium'


A Virginia couple has decided to move into a camper to build their own ‘barndominium’Credit: tiktok/@darrdominium

Joe and Kailey of Virginia documented their progress on the DIY job in a viral video on TikTok.

According to the clip, it was Joe’s idea to sell the house and move into a camper.

From there, they went to work on their dream “barndominium.”

The plan is to have a three-bedroom home as well as a 1,600-square-foot garage.



In another viral video, the married couple described the process of building their own home.

“Sacrifices for big dreams,” they said.

They included all the details, from pricing to planning the layout.

They explained that the “total projected cost to build is $360,000.”

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“This will be a three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom [home] with [a] 2,750-square-foot living side and 1,600-square-foot garage side.

“A lot of the costs for these homes are done upfront and to help cut some of those costs.”

They did a lot of the job themselves and only hired contractors when necessary.

“We’ve done a good bit of the work ourselves and sought out multiple bids before accepting jobs.”


Several TikTok users shared their thoughts on the home in the comments sections of the viral videos.

Americans turning to ‘barndominiums’ offering a ‘retreat’ from city life – and they’re so much cheaper than a home

“We have a barndominium and love it,” one said.

“So much cheaper than building any other house and metal siding and roof is for a lifetime.”

“I hope to do this one day. Living the dream, man,” another added.

“My husband and I are thinking about doing this exact thing,” said a third.

“We have three kids so the whole camper thing kinda scares us.”

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“I’m doing the same thing but building everything myself and out of pocket,” yet another wrote.

“It can be done. I’m living proof.”

They said the total 'projected cost to build' the new home was around $360,000


They said the total ‘projected cost to build’ the new home was around $360,000Credit: tiktok/@darrdominium

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